Friday, March 27, 2015

More Outstanding Student Art gets into MIDDLE SCHOOL EXHIBITION!!!

I am so pleased to announce that 14 out of 25 works of art were chosen for this years Duval County Middle School Art Exhibition!  7 of the pieces were given awards!!
 I could not be a happier Art Lady!

                                                    Aiden Baugh- Work Of Excellence 

                                                                                                                                                        DERENTHAL: Honorable Mention             

Aliya Franqui: Honorable Mention
                                                        Kiera Hatten: Work of Excellence

                                                       Chase Heck: Work of Excellence

                                                Chloe Hollinger: Work of Excellence

                                                    Allana Kellum: Honorable Mention

                                                     Jemaine Mamaba: Honorable Mention

                                              Ashley Pellicer: Work of Superior Excellence

                                                    Grace Pulak: Honorable Mention

                                                   Isabella Sumerski: Work of Excellence

                                                Edwin Valintin-Cruz: Work of Excellence

                                                   Rhea Valladares:Work of Excellence

                                               Michael Worley: Work of Superior Excellence